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The Charmer

The Charmer


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Description for THE CHARMER by Kate Hoffmann:

Publisher Alex Stamos has never had any trouble attracting the opposite sex. At least, he didn't...until he gets named one of Chicago's most notorious womanizers!

Still, Alex has more important things on his mind. Like tracking down a reclusive hot new author in the wilds of Wisconsin. And dealing with Tenley Marshall, the incredibly sexy woman who saves him during a snowstorm...and then proceeds to seduce him senseless. Not that he's complaining...

It isn't long, though, before Alex realizes that he wants more from Tenley than just a few nights. But he knows it's going to take more than charm to win the heart of the only woman he's ever truly desired -- the only one who doesn't want him....

Harlequin Blaze #520, February, 2010.

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