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The Chase

The Chase


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Description for THE CHASE by Brenda Joyce:

The story of one woman whose perfect life comes to an end when she is caught up in the chase for a brilliant and cold-blooded killer...

Claire Hayden has no idea that her world is about to be shattered. At the conclusion of her husband's fortieth birthday party, he is found murdered. He has no enemies. He has committed no crimes. He has no shady past. Or at least, that's what Claire thinks...

Claire's search for the truth leads her to the mysterious Ian Marshall, a stranger who first appeared in her life on the night of her husband's murder, a stranger whom she senses is somehow involved. As Claire and Ian team up to track down their quarry. Ian proves himself to be a dangerous man: dangerous not just to Claire's heart, but to her mind. And Claire has no choice but to trust the stranger at her side. The chase for the killer takes them from San Francisco to New York and London and casts them into a web of danger and confrontation, deception and murderous lies. Someone has been killing this way for decades. Someone who will do anything to keep his identity a secret. Does Ian Marshall know more than he can or will say? And then Claire makes a terrifying discovery: the killer may be someone very close to her--and she may be next...

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