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The Children Of The Wind

The Children Of The Wind


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Description for THE CHILDREN OF THE WIND by Geraldine Harris:

KERISH-LO-TAAN, third son of the Emperor of Galkis, his half-brother Lord Forolkin and their unlikely companion, the hideous, insolent musician Gidjabolgo, continue their search for the seven sorcerers, who hold the keys to a prison in which it is believed the saviour of Galkis is held captive. Only if the saviour is freed can the Empire be saved.

First the travellers must find the Sorcerer of Tir-Zulmar whose citadel is at the very edge of the Ultimate Mountains. Their path leads them through the deadly marshes of Lan-Pin-Fria, and only the self-sacrifice of a devoted slave enables them to pass through. Their trials are far from over, however, and even when at last they reach Tir-Zulmar and Kerish obtains the precious key he needs to continue the quest, there is a condition. If it is not met, the key must be surrendered.

Furthermore, their way lies across the Plains of Erandachu, the home of the Children of the Wind, Kerish's mother's people. And the Circle of Kinship, newly forged, must not be broken.

This is the second of the four volumes that relate the exciting journeys and adventures that are the story of "Seven Citadels."

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