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The Chisellers

The Chisellers


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Description for THE CHISELLERS by Brendan O'Carroll:

Mother. Father. Business consultant. Cop. To her seven high-spirited "chisellers," Agnes Browne is all of these, and more. In the Dublin working-class neighborhood known as The Jarro, it's the Browne clan against the world -- and against the backstreet villains and white-collar emissaries of market forces that threaten to tear this upwardly aspiring family apart.

The Browne brood is about to be relocated to the wilds of suburban Finglas when their tenement is demolished as part of an "Inner City Renewal Plan." With the help of her ambitious eldest boy and her persistent French suitor, Agnes copes with the ups and downs of "rural" life, one unscrupulous gangster, and the son who is well on his way to breaking his mother's heart.

In the second novel of his bestselling Mrs. Browne trilogy, Brendan O'Carroll vividly captures the colorful, bittersweet world of Irish family life. The Chisellers brims with raw humor and moving drama, as one family soldiers on through an unforgettable season of success, disappointment, tragedy, and triumph.

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