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The Chocolate Cupid Killings

The Chocolate Cupid Killings


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Description for THE CHOCOLATE CUPID KILLINGS by JoAnna Carl:

When Lee McKinney Woodyard finds that her on liqueur bottle was used as a murder weapon, there's no sugarcoating it: Someone in Varner Pier is not as cordial as Lee would like...

TenHuis Chocolade is wall-to-wall hearts -- mostly chocolate -- for Valentine's Day, when every treat is meant for someone's sweetheart. But Lee is getting no love from private detective Derrick Valentine. He's looking for one of their new employees -- a woman Lee and her aunt Nettie have been harboring for an underground railroad-type organization that aids abused women. Luckily, they manage not to spill the cocoa beans and clue him in.

But when Valentine meets his own unfortunate end, it's Aunt Nettie who becomes a suspect. Now Lee will have to find a way to free Nettie of guilt without exposing their innocent guest -- and find a killer with a bitter heart that's definitely not made of chocolate....

This is #8 in A Chocoholic Mystery.

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