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The Christian Life

The Christian Life


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Description for THE CHRISTIAN LIFE: A GEOGRAPHY OF GOD by Michael L Lindvall:

The book is a clear treatment, in non-technical language, of the nature of the Christian life.

In THE CHRISTIAN LIFE noted author and pastor Michael Lindvall describes the life of a Christian as a journey. In this concise volume, Lindvall divides the journey into three parts: "leaving for Home," "The Way", and "Life on the Road." The first part struggles with the question, "Why go anywhere at all, spiritually speaking?" The second part names the road---the way found in the ancient map of God called the Trinity. The third part describes life on the road as many others have know it, full of mile-markers, road signs, warnings of perilous curves, refreshment for the weary, and notice of lovely things to be seen along the way. This book provides readers with some hints about what they may experience during their individual journeys.

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