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The Christmas Feast

The Christmas Feast


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Description for THE CHRISTMAS FEAST by Peggy Webb:


This Christmas, Jolie O'Banyon planned to impress her family with the feast of a lifetime. But just as she realized she could use a few cooking lessons, the world's sexiest man broke into her family's manor. Only, this hunk was no burglar. He was her sister's surprise guest -- and he knew how to heat things up in the kitchen....

When Special Agent Lance Estes showed up early at the O'Banyons', he wasn't expecting to have to make nice with an adorably inept chef -- not that he minded. But a man who courted danger for a living had no business making promises to a woman. Especially a woman like Jolie, who deserved the best a man had to offer....

Silhouette Special Edition #1577, November, 2003.

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