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The Cloud Holders

The Cloud Holders


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Description for THE CLOUD HOLDERS by Bethany Campbell:

"Whitewater--I hate you!"

And she hated this "fool ritual" that had sent her halfway around the world.

But Piper Gordon had promised her grandmother that she'd return the centuries-old funeral necklace to Hawaii, as the law now demanded. Even if it meant destroying the beautiful object by sacrificing it to the goddess Pele. Even if it meant spending time with a man she was determined to dislike-David Whitewater, a man who had once ruthlessly prosecuted her grandmother.

To Piper's fury, the Native American lawyer had been appointed to accompany her to Hawaii. But was it just David Whitewater and what he represented that disturbed Piper so deeply, or was it the growing attraction between them?

Harlequin Romance #3133, July, 1991.

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