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The Cluttered Corpse

The Cluttered Corpse


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Description for THE CLUTTERED CORPSE by Mary Jane Maffini:

After freeing herself of some useless clutter--namely a cheating fiance--Manhattan financial analyst Charlotte Adams went home to Woodbridge, New York, to start over as a professional organizer. But she's learning that foul play can creep into the most well-ordered life...

Charlotte never would have guessed that Emmy Lou Rheinbeck had organization issues. The dressed-for-success executive has a house that could be featured in a magazine--or so Charlotte thinks until she gets upstairs, where the rooms are overflowing with pastel stuffed animals. Charlotte thinks the collection can be tamed easily but can't say the same about Emmy Lou's neighbor. The disturbed young man and his best friend think nothing of pulling horrible pranks that have Emmy Lou on edge. Charlotte can't resist helping out, but her efforts result in a bigger mess--one that leads to murder...

This is #2 in Charlotte Adams Series.

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