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The Come-Back Cowboy

The Come-Back Cowboy


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Description for THE COME-BACK COWBOY by Jodi O'Donnell:

Once, rancher's daughter Addie Gentry loved a cowboy with all her young heart -- and she gave herself to him completely. But, despite his ardent promises, Deke Larrabie rode off into the sunset, unknowingly leaving Addie with child....

What scandalous secrets made Deke disappear? And how dare he come back to Bridgewater on the eve of Addie's engagement, to stir up desires as stormy as a Texas twister, to enthrall her young son, to claim what he vowed was rightfully his? Lithe, lean, and more dangerous than ever, would Deke repeat past wrongs -- or was this cowboy finally home to stay?

Bridgewater Bachelors

Silhouette Special Edition #1494, September, 2002.

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