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The Cornbread Killer

The Cornbread Killer


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Description for THE CORNBREAD KILLER by Lou Jane Temple:

Heaven Lee has come into her own as a respected Kansas City chef, and she's savoring every minute of it. With a big-name jazz festival rolling into town, Heaven is on food detail--which means crockpot after crockpot of signature soul food dishes. But murder arrives on the menu when the festival planner--an out-of-towner who'd made a lot of enemies--is electrocuted on the stage of the concert hall. Add the thefts of a priceless painting and Charlie Parker's legendary sax, and it looks like someone's trying to sabotage the celebration. With a stew of suspects--including Heaven herself--she's looking for clues while a killer simmers on the back burner, preparing to serve up a deadly final course...

This is #5 in A Heaven Lee Culinary Mystery series.

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