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The Counterfeit Countess

The Counterfeit Countess


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Description for THE COUNTERFEIT COUNTESS by Cheryl Bolen:

Abandoned By A Scoundrel

Maggie thought she was married to an earl...but it seems that her late and unlamented husband lied to her from the day they met. Now--penniless, stranded in London, and suspected of a most vile treachery against the crown--she has thrown herself on the mercy of the real Lord Warwick. He seems not to trust her at all, though she is innocent of any wrongdoing. What's a counterfeit countess to do?

Loved By A Lord

Edward, the Earl of Warwick, desires only to get rid of the beautiful woman who arrived at his house with no less than fourteen trunks, a younger sister, a maid, and a very large cat. Her preposterous explanation is of no importance--but her late husband held the clue to the identity of England's greatest traitor, a clue the Foreign Service must get at any cost. Until the matter is resolved, Edward will have to guard her night and day--but he cannot guard his heart for long from so charming a lady...

This is #1 in Brazen Brides Series.

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