The Cowboy

The Cowboy


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Description for THE COWBOY by Leah Vale:

Good News, Bad News -- Or Both?

Mitch Smith is one happy rancher -- at least, he is until a lady P.I. barges onto his property, bent on lassoing him into a family he didn't know he had. Suddenly his success and his independence vanish. It turns out that his business is built on money from the McCoys -- the family with the biggest retail empire in the country -- and now he's saddled with a million-dollar debt.

Alison Sullivan is counting on the hefty fee she'll get once the stubborn cowpoke is delivered to the wealthy Missouri clan. Since she's practically down to her last dime, she'll do whatever it takes to corral him. Coming from this fiery green-eyed redhead with determination to spare, that's no idle threat!

Harlequin American Romance #1034, September, 2004.

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