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The Cowboy Hires A Wife

The Cowboy Hires A Wife


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Description for A COWBOY HIRES A WIFE by Jenna McKnight:

Wade Montana rode the orneriest bulls on the rodeo circuit, but he had no idea how to keep his niece from missin' her mommy. Tamin' broncos was sure easier than sharin' his RV with a teary-eyed little filly. When he spied a billboard for 1-800-HUSBAND in his rearview mirror, he hoped to God they had wives, too.

DESPERATE FOR A DESPERADO? Rachel Harrington was dreading her thirtieth unmarried birthday. Hundreds of husbands-for-hire had passed her agency's stringent guidelines, though none of them did anything to excite her. Rachel wanted someone a little rough around the edges --- a rebel, a desperado. . . a cowboy!

This is Harlequin American Romance #605, November 1995.

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