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The Crimson Tapestry

The Crimson Tapestry


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Description for THE CRIMSON TAPESTRY by Michael R Joens:

The boy known as "Worm" knows almost nothing about his past. He remembers naught of his home, his parentage, or even his real name. He does know such skills as will keep him alive: how to find edibles in refuse heaps, or in dire straits how to steal a loaf of bread to fill his belly.

But times are difficult. Britain is in constant danger of invasion from the fierce Saxons and Picts. Fear and violence are a way of life. And Worm barely escapes Saxon capture.

A stranger rescues him---a boy with a mysterious friend who outdistances the ensuing peril and carries Worm to the stranger's village. Together they discover Worm's identity, uncovering buried memories of family, friends, and faith. And Worm discovers something more: he is falling in love with beautiful Dagmere, the young sister of his new friend.

Little does Worm know that, though his beginnings were wretched, his future will shine with bravery and skill equaled only by that of his father. Join Aeryck (Worm) and Terryll in this first book in the Twilight of the Gods series, as together they uncover their futures, their talents, their faith, and their loves.

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