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The Debutantes

The Debutantes


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Description for THE DEBUTANTES by June Flaum Singer:

In the landscape of the very rich and the very famous, at a Connecticut finishing school in the early 1940s, four young women of very different backgrounds first meet. They are the debutantes.

CHRISSY MARLOWE, child victim of a stormy custody battle already worth millions.

MAEVE O'CONNOR, talented daughter of a mad literary giant, tortured by a secret from her deep, dark past.

SARA GOLD, scion of a prominent New York family, obsessed with her own Jewishness and a hatred for her father.

And MARLENA WILLIAMS, Sara's poor cousin from the South, swept into the circle of the three northern rich girls.

Spanning four decades, with forays into each young woman's history, THE DEBUTANTES is the story of the tempestuous, often tortured lives of these poor little rich girls. From their early days at Miss Chalmer's to their debut at the Waldorf, and their sojourn in Paris, here is a sweeping saga about the lives and loves of four fairy-tale princesses, replete with money, manipulation, incest, madness and even murder.

But above all, THE DEBUTANTES is the story of the women's special friendship, which sustains them through marriage, divorce, family disaster and the social whirl that becomes their orbit.

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