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The Delaney Woman

The Delaney Woman


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Description for THE DELANEY WOMAN by Jeanette Baker:

Tragedy has knocked on the door of the Delaney family more than once, and now Kellie Delaney must face it once again when her twin brother dies in a suspicious accident in Wales. Her grief turns to shock and then to rage when she learns that Connor had been working undercover for British Special Forces and that his death was no accident.

While going through his effects Kellie discovers puzzling notes about an Irishman named Tom Whelan. She begins to ask questions, which are met first with condescension and then with silence. Armed with little more than her anger and her desire to exact justice and revenge, Kellie travels to a sleepy Irish town to track down Tom Whelan, the man she is convinced is responsible for her loss.

Instead, she meets a man who is the antithesis of a killer. And the more she learns about him the more she falls under his spell, finally suspecting that Tom Whelan could be her ally -- not her foe. But who, then, is responsible for the death of Connor Delaney? Who is tracking Kellie's every movement? Who wants her silenced?

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