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The Deliverer

The Deliverer


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Description for THE DELIVERER by Peter Danielson:

Evil, like the shadow of approaching night, crept into the lands of Egypt and spread up river to the rich kingdom of Nubia. The descendents of the Hebrew Joseph felt the whip of slavery, and the true pharaohs vanished as a cult of perverse cruelty claimed the people's hearts. But a prophecy had decreed the birth of a savior, his fate to be tied to the Children of the Lion---the clan that bore the mark and the curse of Cain. Even now, from the distant city of Babylon, a tormented son of this secret tribe is returning to Egypt. With him will come a sword, sharp and strong enough to liberate a land. But is the promised Deliverer nigh? Yes, the time is come when a lonely Queen will again taste desire...and a Prince will pick up a blood-forged weapon to challenge a demon king.

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