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The Devil In Stone

The Devil In Stone


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Description for THE DEVIL IN STONE by Joan Elliott Pickart:

The Impossibly Gorgeous Stuffed Shirt...

Robert Stone expected the worst when his widowed mother told him she was staying in Tucson with a "friend" instead of returning to New York--had this lonely, wealthy woman been suckered by a con artist? Robert arrived at Winter Holt's craft shop like a warrior on the warpath, but fighting was the last thing on his mind once he met the spirited lady who ran the place! Winter made him long to tangle his fingers in the silken cascade of her ebony hair, to kiss away the secret sadness only his eyes could detect, but she'd vowed never to let another man inside her shattered heart--especially a man who ran his life by a schedule and believed that love could be planned! Robert tried to persuade her that they could bridge their very different lives. Terrified of losing herself if she left her beloved desert to be with him, Winter wanted to believe Robert's promises. Could her ghosts surrender to the healing power of his love?

This is Loveswept #492, September, 1991.

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