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The Doomfarers Of Coramonde

The Doomfarers Of Coramonde


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Description for THE DOOMFARERS OF CORAMONDE by Brian Daley:


Gil MacDonald cursed in disgust.

Twenty-four hours ago, he and his men had been fighting off an ambush in a Viet Nam jungle. Now, thanks to some kind of magic spell, they were in the middle of this Fantasy Land that was filled with flying dragons, wizards, crazy castles and dispossessed princes.

They were trapped here permanently, too--unless they could rescue the sorceress Gabrielle from the clutches of the master magician Amon. She was being held captive in Amon's palace; and Amon's palace was in Hell itself!

So all they had to do was find a way into the Inferno, battle Amon and all his monstrous minions, and then somehow escape with the sorceress. Sweet!

But unless they did it--and did it quickly--they were doomed to stay in Fantasy Land forever!

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