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The Dossier

The Dossier


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Description for THE DOSSIER by Pierre Salinger and Leonard Gross:

An American newsman in Europe is onto a story that will change---and may cause him to lose---his life. Throughout his career he has always been the clear-eyed observer, standing a bit above the rush of history. Now, tracking down the story of a lifetime, he is catapulted away from the sidelines into the fray.

All his leads hint at a dossier that tells the story of a hero who, now running as a French presidential candidate, is likely to be revealed in quite another light---a light that shines all the way back to the days of the French Resistance fighters, catching some of them in attitudes of treachery and collaboration. It is a document of such sinister power that, when opened, will affect the lives of many friends and enemies...and perhaps the lives of millions. The dossier is in Moscow buried deep in the vaults of the KGB.

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