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The Down Home Heifer Heist

The Down Home Heifer Heist


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Description for THE DOWN HOME HEIFER HEIST by Eve K Sandstrom:


It's a mean winter in Catlin County, Oklahoma, as modern-day rustlers are taking a deep cut out of the area's cattle production. The operation is slick...and murder is just another day's work.

Rancher Joe Pilkington, neighbor to Sheriff Sam Titus and photographer wife Nicky, is run down when he interrupts the rustlers during a heist. Aside from tire tracks in the snow, the only clue is the sound of Mozart heard playing from the killer's truck.

Two more grisly deaths follow, and it looks as if a beloved member of the Titus ranch may be accused of murder. Sam and Nicky grimly set out to corner a killer...before they become victims themselves.

This is #3 in A Sam and Nicky Titus Mystery.

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