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The Dragon Knight

The Dragon Knight


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Description for THE DRAGON KNIGHT by Gordon R Dickson:

Sir James Eckert, now Baron de Bois de Malencontri et Riveroak, woke one morning with the odd sensation that something was wrong... and it was. During the night he had been transformed back into the shape of a dragon.

Now Jim must embark on a new quest, to learn to control his magical abilities and truly become the Dragon Knight. And once that is done, he'll learn that life in the Middle Ages carries some responsibilities that he hadn't counted on -- especially when the heir to the throne of England is taken captive by the King of France!

Jim and his Companions, Sir Brian, Giles de Mer, and Aargh the English Wolf, are off on an adventure as they seek the final downfall of the evil Sorcerer who once held Jim's beloved Angela captive.

This is #2 in Dragon Knight Series.

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