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The Dragon's Carbuncle

The Dragon's Carbuncle


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Description for THE DRAGON'S CARBUNCLE by Elizabeth H Boyer:


Being a Scipling in the land of the Alfar was growing increasingly difficult, Leifr learned, even with Endalaus Daudi, the magic Rhbu sword. His friend, Thurid the wizard, had been taken by the Fire Wizards' Guild for their Inquisition. And his beloved Ljosa was in the hands of Sorkvir, Leifr's dread wizard enemy, now brought to a semblance of life again.

To recover Thurid, the mad, future-seeing wizard Gradagur told Leifr, he must learn to fly. It was the only way he could get into the Guildhall where Thurid was held.

And to regain Ljosa, he and Thurid must obey the orders of Sorkvir and enter the heartland of the Dokkalfar, the night-faring dark elves. There she would be held by the evil Council who sought to bring the dread Fimbul Winter to all the Alfar lands.

This is #3 in The Wizard's War Series.

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