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The Dragon's Tomb

The Dragon's Tomb


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Description for THE DRAGON'S TOMB by D J Heinrich:

Fain Flinn lies dead, his ashes blowing in the spring winds.

Johauna Menhir takes up Wyrmblight, Flinn's fabled blade. Embittered, Jo vows vengeance on the three villains who wrought her beloved master's death. But the squire's duty lies first to the house of Penhaligon. Jo and her comrades return to the Castle of the Three Suns, the dwarf Braddoc bearing a mysterious box he salvaged during a raid on the dragon's lair. At the castle, Johauna begins her lessons as a knight-in-training, struggling to properly wield the huge sword Wyrmblight.

Without warning, the magic within the castle fails. All eyes turn on the malevolent mage Teryl Auroch. Johauna Menhir sets out to find Auroch and the secret behind the death of magic in Penhaligon. She discovers instead the tragedy of an ancient race.

The Penhaligon Trilogy, Volume 2.

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