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The Eagle Has Flown

The Eagle Has Flown


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Description for THE EAGLE HAS FLOWN by Jack Higgins:

As an increasingly isolated and insane Hitler pursues his hopeless war, betrayal and treachery reach the highest level of the Third Reich.

German intelligence knows that paratroop officer Colonel Steiner survived "Operation Eagle," the bungled, top-secret, assassination attempt on Winston Churchill, and is now a POW somewhere in London. Reichsfuhrer Himmler wants him back--at any cost--and puts his ace espionage men in charge of the perilous rescue mission.

Racing from the nightclubs of Lisbon to Hitler's opulent country retreat to the, damp streets of London, Himmler's men get closer to their target--and to the shattering truth of their mission.

This is #4 in Liam Devlin Series.

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