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The End Of The Circle

The End Of The Circle


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Description for THE END OF THE CIRCLE by Jack McKinney:


The SDF-3 has remanifested from spacefold, but no one aboard has the faintest idea where they are. The ship appears to be grounded in some glowing fog, ensnared by light itself. Lang and Rem dub the phenomenon "newspace"-but are at a loss to explain what it really is and who, or what, is keeping them there. For Lang, it seems like old times: The ship's Protoculture drives have disappeared.

But other events are transpiring, unbeknownst to the stranded crew of the SDF-3. In Earthspace, the ARK ANGEL has been spared the fate suffered by the REF main fleet after the Invid transubstantiation. Vince and Jean Grant decide that the only logical course of action is to try and locate the SDF-3.. .

On Haydon IV, something has awakened the Awareness - and a mysterious change comes over the Haydonites. Exedore and the four Sterlings suddenly find themselves imprisoned beneath the surface-as the planet leaves orbit, destination unknown...

All of the pieces of this strange cosmic puzzle are about to come together... and the ultimate conflict is imminent. The question is: WILL THE UNIVERSE SURVIVE?

This is #18 in Robotech Series.

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