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The Family Stalker

The Family Stalker


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Description for THE FAMILY STALKER by Jon Katz:

A different kind of murder... Christopher 'Kit' Deleeuw is an unusual detective, with his aging station wagon and his complicated schedule, juggling the after-school activities of two kids along with his caseload. But his latest case is no more routine than Kit himself. Affluent suburbanite Marianne Dow claims her family is being stalked by a 'family killer' - one who uses not a gun or a knife but twisted friendship and betrayed trust, until a happy family ends up shattered by divorce.

Kit thinks his client may be overreacting to the strains of a modern-day marriage, but he agrees to make some inquiries about Andrea Lucca, the woman Marianne believes is after her husband. As he begins to find other marriages into which Andrea has driven a wedge, a shocking act of violence shatters the suburban calm of Rochambeau - and in its wake Andrea Lucca disappears...and Kit's client becomes the police's number one suspect.

This is #2 in A Suburban Detective Mystery.

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