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The Fatigue Artist

The Fatigue Artist


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Description for THE FATIGUE ARTIST by Lynne Sharon Schwartz:

At age forty, Laura is struggling with the violent death of her reporter husband in a New York City drug bust, as well as her obsessive on-and-off love affair with a quixotic actor, when she is suddenly beset by a mysterious lethargy---a love affair with her bed, as she put it. After Western medicine---hilariously satirized---yields no help with her chronic fatigue virus, she seeks it causes in her recent past and its cure in an enchanting alternative healer fittingly called The Witch.

A writer herself, Laura takes solace, and ultimately finds meaning, in recording her encounters with a motley array of strangers, friends, and lovers. These perfectly rendered scenes of human frailty, bafflement, and valor in the face of private and public chaos take the reader on an extraordinary journey; from Tai Chi classes along the Hudson River to local New York hangouts to the beaches and shifting tides of Cape Cod.

Once again, novelist Lynne Sharon Schwartz blends comedy and grief to create a haunting mosaic of a woman adrift in a society pitching toward disaster, and once again the heroine's quest becomes an entire generation.

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