The Fly Guy

The Fly Guy


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Description for THE FLY GUY by Laura Bradford was taken from the back of book:

Nature lover Sarah Dundee just landed her dream job: covering assignments all across the country for an environmental magazine. Her goal: fly there. In her own plane. Everything's under control---until flight instructor Logan Donnelly shows up to give her a refresher course in aggravation. Hey, isn't he the guy who plans to build a new airfield runway through a woodland habitat? Logan can forget it, even if he is...well, sexy. And handsome. And Hot. Sarah's on the side of the squirrels and he's not getting his way over and out.

Roger that. Logan can't argue. Sarah Dundee is quite a woman, in every way that counts. If she want to learn to fly, he'd be happy to teach her everything he knows. Everything. Up, up, and away...

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