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The Fourth Millennium

The Fourth Millennium


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Description for THE FOURTH MILLENNIUM by Paul Meier and Robert Wise:

1,034 Year-Old Ben Feinberg Remembers.

Ben, a major leader for nearly nine centuries, delivers a political science lecture at historic Hebrew University. During his presentation he becomes painfully aware of a growing cynicism among the students toward the reign of Christ in Jerusalem. The Tribulation, the Anti-Christ, Satan's existence---are regarded as myth and superstition!

Along with this brother-in-law Jimmy Harrison and their friend Isaiah Murphy, Ben uncover evidence of conspiracy for blobal revolution. Violence erupts in America for the first time in centuries. And the AIDS virus---thought to be extinct---has reappeared. How can this be?

In this fascinating, action-filled sequel to their bestselling "The Third Millennium," the authors portray the wonder of life during Christ's millennial reign and the triumph of the ultimate confrontation between Satan and Jesus Christ.

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