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The Future Homemakers Of America

The Future Homemakers Of America


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Description for THE FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA by Laurie Graham:

Six Women...

Their Loves, Laughter, and Lifelong Friendship

For five American Air Force wives, Norfolk, England, in 1952 is a long way from home. But Peggy Dewey and her friends are determined to make the most of their overseas mission. While their husbands patrol the skies in F-84 fighters, the high-spirited group of military wives and young moms staves off homesickness by clipping coupons, trading gossip, and going to London to see Princess Elizabeth "get coronated." Over a stick of Juicy Fruit, brass polisher Audrey Rudman, good-time girl Lois Moon, alcohol-loving Gayle Jackson, "Pie Crust Queen" Betty Gillis, and the ever reliable Peggy meet a scrappy Englishwoman named Kath Pharaoh and a lasting friendship is forged. Through marriage and divorce, separations and reunions, the gang will try to hold fast to one a story that takes us to the heart of female friendship -- and reveals the secret of the perfect Three Color Refrigerator Cake.

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