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The Glass Factory

The Glass Factory


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Description for THE GLASS FACTORY by K J A Wishnia:

Tough-talking urban crime-fighter Filomena Buscarsela goes suburban--and discovers that a Long Island glass factory is spewing a toxic trail into the water supply. The contaminator is none other than her nemesis, a cutthroat industrial polluter with an airtight financial empire. Armed only with an ax to grind, the gutsy Filomena knows she'll have to play dirty to clean up the neighborhood. From a high-society party to a high-security chemical plant, she soon immerses herself in the familiar stench of dirty politics and greed. But when Fil isn't fighting bad guys, she finally falls for a good man--and heads into an entirely different, but equally unpredictable adventure..

This is #3 in A Filomena Buscarsela Mystery

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