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The Gracious Lily Affair

The Gracious Lily Affair


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Description for THE GRACIOUS LILY AFFAIR by Van Wyck Mason:

Colonel North was vacationing in Bermuda, trying to make the most of sun, sea and his lovely hostess, Susan Stanhope, trying to forget he was an intelligence agent. But the daily agenda wouldn't let him....

First there was the Portuguese plane that blue up just miles away from Susan't glamorous villa. Then there was the spearfishing expedition that turned up a corpse and a waterlogged "top secret" brief case. There there was the mysterious late night visit from the oriental seductress, Nina-- a "friend" of Sustans.

Soon Colonel North was hot on the scent of exotic perfume and dangerous intrigue--a scent that would lead him around the world.... This is Popular Library 75-1319

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