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The Great Fish & Seafood Cookbook

The Great Fish & Seafood Cookbook


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Description for THE GREAT FISH AND SEAFOOD COOKBOOK by Judith Ferguson:

Fish and seafood is justifiably becoming more and more popular. And no wonder---what other food is available in such a variety of shapes, sizes and tastes. Our oceans, rivers and fresh-water lakes provide a rich harvest of this convenient and adaptable food, and with today's advanced methods of freezing and distribution, a greater choice of top quality fresh fish is available.

The health benefits of fish are also becoming more widely acknowledged. It is high in body-building proteins and low in calories. It also contains almost to carbohydrates and is an excellent source of vitamins. In addition to these important health benefits, fish is perfectly suited to almost every cooking method imaginable, from poaching and steaming to barbecuing and microwaving.

One of the greatest attractions of this natural bounty is its sheer versatility. Whether it's a quick mid-week meal, buffet or an extravagant dinner you will find something for every occasion in THE GREAT FISH & SEAFOOD COOKBOOK.

To ensure successful results every time, each easy-to-follow recipes is beautifully illustrated in full color and accompanied by step-by-step photographs and cook's tips. A large introductory section on choosing, preparing, and cooking fish provides an invaluable guide on everything from cleaning fish to making the perfect sauce accompaniment.

So whether it's fish kebabs of whole baked fish, you'll find THE GREAT FISH & SEAFOOD COOKBOOK is the one you won't want to be without.

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