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The Greek Tycoon

The Greek Tycoon


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Description for THE GREEK TYCOON by Eileen Lottman:

Theo Tomasis met Liz Cassidy at a party at his home in the south of France. It was a party where the beautiful people swam, drank and glittered. Theo's wife was hostess, and his star-actress mistress was there too, as well as other women he had wanted for a time---and had had. But Theo had eyes only for Liz. In fact, he was so interested in keeping her near that he summoned an ex-head-of-state to come and keep Liz's ambitious senator husband occupied.

Theo Tomasis, the Greek tycoon, could arrange almost anything if he wanted it enough---and now he wanted the wife of the man who would someday be President of the United States.

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