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The Grub-And-Stakers Spin A Yarn

The Grub-And-Stakers Spin A Yarn


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Description for THE GRUB-AND STAKERS SPIN A YARN by Alisa Craig:


Miss Jane Fuzzywuzzy's Yarnery is the wildest, woolliest place in Lobelia Falls. And now, with unknown cousins from England due to arrive any minute, Miss Jane has discovered bloodstains all over her clean floor, and the corpse of a local mincemeat magnate cluttering up her just-swept sidewalk.

Impending parenthood notwithstanding, twin-toting Dittany Monk and her husband Osbert leap into the fray --determined to unravel a fiendish plot that threatens to ensnarl members of the Grub-and-Stake Gardening and Roving Club in a tangled skein of deception, larceny, kidnapping, suicide...and murder.

This is #4 in Dittany & Osbert Monk series.

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