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The Habit Of Loving

The Habit Of Loving


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Description for THE HABIT OF LOVING by Barbara Lazear Ascher:

The eternal themes of midlife are beautifully evoked---love and loss, mothering and letting go, passion and compassion, going away and coming home. Through Ascher's literary alchemy, moments both common and rare become landmarks in the evolution of a woman's heart. Leaving a child at college, setting the table for two not three- the hardest habits to break are the rituals of loving. When Ascher, a former associate at a prestigious law firm, decides to leave that world to become a writer, she inspires us with a truer version of what power really is: as Ascher writes, "The life you live may be your own." And when she observes an elderly couple on vacation and thins about her marriage to a much older man, Ascher confronts the impossibility of permanent life and of a life without change.

Barbara Lazear Ascher writes beautifully with a vision uniquely her own, and THE HABIT OF LOVING is a feast for the mind and soul.

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