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The Harem Of Aman Akbar

The Harem Of Aman Akbar


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Description for THE HAREM OF AMAN AKBAR:

It was all that detestable djinn's doing. For Rasa Ulliovna, fierce third daughter of a tribal chieftan, being stolen away by a genie to be the bride of Aman Akbar, lord of the far-off land of Kharristan, was hardly a fate worse than death. Rasa could almost forgive her new husband's long and mysterious absences when she felt his sweet touch and looked into his deep, dark eyes.

But what Rasa could "not" forgive was that Aman's djinn had procured him not one but "two" other wives: the statuesque, jet-skinned Amollia, and the almond-eyed, sharp-tongued Aster. And now, while hankering after a "fourth" wife, Aman Akbar had gone and made an ass of himself---literally! His faithless djinn, now serving an evil Emir, had turned poor Aman into a donkey!

So, putting jealousy aside, Rasa set out with Aman's other brides on a fantastic voyage to the sinister land of Sindupore to life the dread enchantment from their hapless husband.

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