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The Heiress Bride

The Heiress Bride


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Description for THE HEIRESS BRIDE by Laurey Bright:

When their gazes clashed and held at the holiday party, she'd never envisioned wedding her father's right-hand man in a marriage that was more merger than love match. But Alysia Kingsley, heiress to a publishing empire, would do anything to please her ailing father and protect the legacy that was rightfully hers -- even take a husband who didn't love her....

Chase Osborne wanted her, though. And despite her virginal anxiety, Alysia breathlessly awaited their first night in the marriage bed. Though Chase had secrets, she knew he would worship her as a man worships his woman. But could he truly love her once he learned his "princess" wasn't all he'd believed her to be...?

Silhouette Romance #1578, March, 2002.

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