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The House

The House


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Description for THE HOUSE by Danielle Steel:

The house was magnificent, built in 1923 by a wealthy man for the woman he adored. For her and for this house, he would spare no expense, from the marble floors to the glittering chandeliers. Almost a century later, a young woman walks through its empty rooms. Sarah Anderson is about to do something utterly out of character. An elderly client has died and left her both a generous inheritance and a priceless message: to use his money for something wonderful, to live well, and to think of something other than work.

A workaholic attorney, Sarah had always lived life by the book. With a steady, if sputtering, relationship and a tiny apartment, Sarah cannot explain the force that draws her to the mansion and its history -- to the story of a woman who once lived in the house...and to a history she never knew she had.

Sarah enlists the help of architect Jeff Parker, who shares her passion for bringing the old house back to life. As they work to restore the home, as one relationship dies and another begins, Sarah makes a series of powerful discoveries: about the true meaning of a last gift...about the legacies that are passed from generation to generation...and about a future she's only beginning to imagine.

In a novel of daring and hope, of embracing life and taking chances, Danielle Steel brilliantly captures one woman's courageous choice to live her dreams -- and receive unexpected gifts in return.

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