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The Kidnapped Bride

The Kidnapped Bride


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Description for THE KIDNAPPED BRIDE by Charlotte Maclay:

"WHY ME?" As a child, Nicole LeDeaux had been told she was heir to the last reigning king of Margolis...but she never actually believed it. Nor could she believe that within minutes of her arrival in the picturesque European kingdom, she'd be whisked away by a handsome stranger in black, plied with violets and a toe-curling kiss ... and asked for the most outrageous favor...

"SAY 'I DO,' NICOLE." Andre Montiard was a desperate man. He'd heard the stories about the beautiful American, and he knew she was his only hope. He had only minutes to court her, to woo her, to get her to marry him. And if he couldn't convince her, he'd have to steal her....

Harlequin American Romance #537, June, 1994.

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