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The Kissing Game

The Kissing Game


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Description for THE KISSING GAME by Kasey Michaels:

Gentle Reader:

At first I thought it was just another of Oxie's pranks. My father is a notorious joker and quite harmless, but this time he went too far, taking me to London with the ridiculous notion of finding me a worthy husband. Truth to tell, our only invitation came from our neighbor Armand Gauthier. A man of mystery with a well-hidden past, he has, I suspect, a particular reason for parading a family of social outcasts like us through his front door.

Sinfully handsome and clever, Armand is the perfect ally in my scheme to escape London by creating a bit of scandal. And I have vowed to uncover all of his wicked secrets, such as the faded handkerchief that holds the only clue to his true identity. There is one delicious dilemma: Armand is attempting to distract me from my mission with his exquisite kisses. I only hope I can resist... Lady Allegra Nesbitt

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