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The Kissing Stars

The Kissing Stars

Author: Geralyn Dawson

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Very Good

Pages: 389

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Description for THE KISSING STARS by Geralyn Dawson:


Tess had run away from a broken heart and followed the stars right to Aurora Springs, Texas. There, halfway to nowhere and far from 'anywhere, she joined a dusty frontier settlement filled with eccentric dreamers and desperate searchers attracted by mysterious lights in the sky they believed were magic-"The Kissing Stars." And she might have finally put her ill-fated marriage behind her, if only she hadn't taken a greased pig to the state fair ....


The pig knocked railroad investigator Gabe Montana down; seeing his ex-wife for the first time in forever laid him out flat. Then her revelation that the divorce had never happened stole his breath away-that and the secrets he saw shining in her eyes. Now he has traced his runaway wife to Aurora Springs, a place where the most extraordinary things are happening. A place where a man haunted by tragedy might find redemption and a hurting woman might find heating ...if they- put the past behind them ...and if they allow The Kissing Stars to light their way to love.

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