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The L.A. Shape Diet

The L.A. Shape Diet


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Description for THE L.A. SHAPE DIET: THE 14-DAY TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS PLAN by David Heber, M.D., Ph.D.:

Dr. David Heber's groundbreaking book WHAT COLOR IS YOUR DIET? introduced us to the Color Code–building a healthy diet based on colorful fruits and vegetables. His new book, THE L.A. SHAPE DIET, combines the sound nutritional basis of the Color Code with his newest research from the UCLA Center for Nutrition, which shows you how to analyse your body shape, personal protein needs, and metabolism and not only lose weight–but also change your body shape. This has major appeal to the millions of Americans who may be able to lose weight but are still dissatisfied with the look of their bodies–and end up gaining the weight back anyway.

Dr. Heber maintains that everyone is born with a particular shape and that this shape makes a huge difference in how you should approach weight loss. Dr. Heber teaches the difference between the shape you can change and the shape you cannot, and how to do this with the right amount of dietary protein. Based on over 3500 measurements made by his researchers at UCLA, Dr. Heber has come up with tables that estimate how much protein you need in your diet at a given height and weight, and how many calories you should consume every day. Then Dr. Heber helps you build your own ideal diet, starting with protein, then 7 colorful servings of fruits and vegetables (providing 25 grams of filling fiber), and finally whole grains. Dr. Heber explains not only glycemic index (how fast blood sugar goes up) but glycemic load (glycemic index + how much carbohydrate a food provides), which determines how a particular food affects the overall diet. He groups foods into four tables to make it easy for readers to navigate their dinner table.

In a world of dietary fads and "one size fits all" pseudo–miracle diets, THE L.A. SHAPE DIET is the most effective, easy–to–follow, scientifically sound dietary plan you'll find.

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