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The Last American

The Last American

Author: Ryder Stacy

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 267

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Description for THE LAST AMERICAN by Ryder Stacy:

"Death to Tyrants!"

World War III was finally fought - and America lost! But now, one hundred years after the Russian conquest of the USA, the scattered Free Cities are about to unite and form a new nation with one goal: to drive the hated Soviets from America's shores forever. Only one man can spearhead this second War of Independence- the famed soldier of survival, Ted Rockson. The sinister KGB, however, is planning to destroy the fledgling rebellion by incinerating its leadership in one fell nuclear swoop. But Rockson has fought too many pitched battles against the Russians and the deadly mutant life forms in the radioactive hot zones not to sense the danger. Somehow he must survive to raise his fist in defiance against the enemies of freedom- for he is the DOOMSDAY WARRIOR

This is #3 in Doomsday Warrior Series.

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