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The Last Boy Scout

The Last Boy Scout


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Description for THE LAST BOY SCOUT by Dan Becker:

JOE HALLENBECK was one of the country's top Secret Service agents. Unfortunately, Joe had a run-in with a dirty politician. One frame-up later, and Hallenbeck had lost his job, his pension, everything but his gun.

JAMES ALEXANDER DIX was a star quarterback for the L.A. Stallions, considered by many to have the best arm in the league. Unfortunately, Jimmy was barred from football when he was caught gambling on the games and was accused of shaving points.

What Hallenbeck and Dix have in common is that their lives have reached an all-time low. But when Hallenbeck's client and Dix's girlfriend turn out to be one and the same---and when she is murdered in front of their eyes---they have something else in common. An investigation into that murder which uncovers a plot involving blackmail, corruption and a threat to the future of professional football.

What the participants in this scheme haven't counted on is the emergence of a new team in the league---a team which doesn't need 11 men to take on the competition.

Just two.

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