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The Last Bride In Texas

The Last Bride In Texas


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Description for THE LAST BRIDE IN TEXAS by Judith Stacy:

The Center of Attention... Again!

Elizabeth Hill cursed the luck that cast her in the drama of a daring daylight bank robbery. As if the town hadn't gossiped about her enough already, now they thought she was some damsel in distress, with mysterious stranger Connor Wade starring as a genuine, sure-shootin' hero. Couldn't they all just leave her in peace!

Connor Wade hadn't expected Elizabeth Hill to be so, well, attractive. Everybody in Sterling treated her as if she was the last rose of summer or something, a spinster workhorse fresh out of chances. But Connor was convinced that if he could just get past that prickly exterior, the woman he'd find underneath would be worth whatever it took!

Harlequin Historical #541, December, 2000.

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