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The Last Leprechaun

The Last Leprechaun


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Description for THE LAST LEPRECHAUN by June Calvin:

A Rake's Destiny

Elizabeth Longford wants only one thing from her cousin John Blayne, Earl of Wayneathe--his help in saving the cherished forest where they played as children--and where they once caught a glimpse of a leprechaun. But Lord Wayneathe isn't the same boy who once believed in leprechauns. War has changed him for the worse, and he now lives for nothing but the most base, superficial pleasures. He will not give fate a chance to rob him of anyone else he cares for. . .

Wayneathe wants nothing to do with marriage--and certainly nothing to do with Beth Longford or her troublesome affairs. Why should he care if her father wants to cut down the woodlands for gambling money? But something about this fiery young beauty makes John feel more alive than he has in a long while. Before he knows it, he finds himself coming to Beth's aid--despite his efforts to remain indifferent. Will he decide to reform his ways...before it costs him the love of his life?

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