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The Last Pope

The Last Pope


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Description for THE LAST POPE by Luis Miguel Rocha:

SEPTEMBER 29, 1978: The world awakens to news of the shocking death of Pope John Paul I, elected only thirty-three days earlier. The Vatican states that His Holiness died of unknown causes, and the body is embalmed within twenty-four hours, preventing any possibility of an autopsy...

2006: Journalist Sarah Monteiro finds an envelope stuffed in her mailbox containing a list of unfamiliar names and a coded message. At first, Sarah is merely puzzled. But when her home is broken into, she realizes that the list has put her in danger.

For the contents of the envelope hold the key to unveiling corruption beyond anything she has ever known -- and to uncovering the truth behind the mysterious death of Pope John Paul I. Drawn into a vortex in which deadly mercenaries, crooked politicians, and princes of the Church itself have formed an alliance of deception, Sarah must decide between revealing the truth and saving her own soul...

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